SEO Consultant VS SEO Software

Everyone talks about SEO software that will give you the best search engine placement on Google, Yahoo, and Bing but have you ever thought about it from an SEO consultant point of view? Everyone is probably waiting to hear an answer who is better? In this article I will explain to you some of the advanced SEO techniques that are used by SEO consultants and compare it with SEO software capabilities.


When it comes to the capabilities of software solution it is limited to software version. The software is developed by developers who develop software as per “development requirement” and the software will not perform tasks outside the development requirement. Hence this will limit this software to restricted functions. You may upgrade the capabilities of the current software by purchasing a newer version however it will still be limited.

When it comes to SEO consultant it depends on number of factors such as experience, research, training and brightness. Also a good SEO consultant is a consultant that researches allot and tries multiple of techniques into the search engine and determine the best practice. Hence this will make SEO consultant superior to SEO software due to unlimited capabilities of the consultant from the research, training and experience. You should ask your self a question who helps in the development of the SEO software. The answer is an SEO consultant instructs the main capabilities of the SEO software during initial stage of software development.


This is very clear from the above point and I can guarantee you that an SEO consultant will perform way better than SEO software subject to the amount of time spends in an SEO campaign. I have tried many SEO packages during my initial period of SEO consultancy and it doesn’t matter what you do, you cannot perform better than initial trial, and in many occasions my ranking will drop lower because of competition. One way of doing better is to try other software which may perform slightly better and again the search placement will drop due to competition. This is the stage where you need an SEO consultant to boost your search engine placement higher.

Search Engine Algorithm update:

In many occasions the search engine changes algorithm, which directly affects the ranking results. The SEO software will be incapable to make the essential change because it is programmed and this during:

• Search Engine changes keyword density from 3% to 2%.

This change will make your search engine placement to drop. If the software recommended a 3% keyword density. From my experience this drop will be some thing like 2-4 pages depending on the keyword density used. Simply the software will not be smart enough to detect the change unless you buy a new software version. The SEO consultant can easily analyse the change and reduces the keyword density to 2% which is quicker. SEO consultants can also make a quick action regarding the following changes:

• Search Engine reduces the importance of page title
• Search Engine reduces the importance of meta description
• Search Engine limits the number of incoming links from page A to page B
• Search Engine limits the number of incoming links from site A to site B

In every occasion the software will not be able to think like a human. Therefore your project will suffer form the limitation of software. In conclusion I say nothing will replace a good SEO consultant and I can confirm it to you for example type the keyword “SEO” in Google search box you will see on page 1 of Google the list of many SEO companies who used SEO consultants to optimize their site.

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