Octaplus Medicare Launching Home HealthCare Services in Bangalore

For Immediate Release
Home nurse in Bangalore, 13 March, 2018: Octaplus Medicare, one of the most popular home healthcare service provider in India, has recently launched home healthcare services in Bangalore to help people to get world class health care facilities directly in home. The company has taken a great initiative by bringing the home healthcare services in India to help people in taking treatments conveniently at their own place.

Octaplus Bangalore takes pride for offering top-notch healthcare service by highly trained and professional nurses, doctors, Physiotherapists, counselors and other medical specialists who are ready to come directly to the home of the patient to provide different healthcare facilities like preventive care, Octa Heal, Octa Mum me, maternity care,physiotherapy at home in Bangalore, elderly care and many more.

Octaplus Medicare gives crucial importance to the safety and care of their patients and therefore each of the home nurse in Bangalore are appointed for the job after specialized training and comprehensive background check. Octaplus Bangalore makes sure that each patients are in safe hands whether they are appointing a doctor or a home nurse in Bangalore. They also offer 100% replacement guarantee to their clients.

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