MOWAY won the 2018 Automobile Service Golden Merit Award

On the afternoon of March 3, 2018, the medal ceremony of the 2018 (6th) Automobile Service Golden Merit Award was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing. Automobile quality management Consultation Service Co MOWAY was invited to attend this meeting and won the “2018 Automobile Service Golden Merit Award special contribution award”.
Hailed as the “Chinese automobile service Oscar Award” for its professionalism and impartiality,Golden Merit Award has gained full recognition from the industry and become the most important communication platform for automobile service. The Golden Merit Award ceremony by the Automotive Service World, Yasen International Co sponsored, Zhuhaimeihe Technologies Inc exclusive title,attracted the industry authority of more than 300 people showed up, in addition to the recognition in the past year car services excellent enterprise institutions, also on the variation of 2018 auto service industry, resources, trends, and carried on the thorough analysis of the interpretation.

As the world’s top automobile brand service project partner, MOWAY in quality management field has advanced technology and rich industry experience, can provide a comprehensive quality assurance, testing, inspection and the integration of the consulting service, its breakthrough has been highly recognized by the market change. In the next few years, MOWAY will grasp the big data Internet development opportunity, promote the scale of advanced technology, for the majority of car brands and distributors to provide comprehensive quality management consulting services.

Judging from the award-winning situation, the automobile service industry is in the stage of change of new technology and new management and MOWAY in the process of development, through has the foresight strategic layout and professional service pattern out a right path has dominated industry leading advantage, also provided valuable development reference for other enterprises.

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