How to Make Best Use of a Free Psychic Consultation

Free Psychic Consultations, the Initial Free Offer

Psychics and clairvoyants offer psychic consultations to the public as a form of service and as a means for supporting themselves. In the cultures of the past, psychics and mystics were regarded with awe and respect. They were valued for their divination and soothsaying skills and offered counsel to rulers and patrons. In more recent times, the psychic profession has had an ‘unfortunate’ reputation to overcome.

There are cheats and frauds in ALL professions so approach your initial psychic consultation as you would when meeting any service provider like a tax consultant or chiropractor for the first time. Many will offer a free psychic consultation or free minutes. If the conversation feels honest, and you’re starting to build some rapport with the psychic then you’re on the right track. Once you feel comfortable with your “provider,” you can decide if you want to sign up for their service. If you’re not comfortable with how things are going, then just excuse yourself. Remember, you decide whether to continue the conversation or not.

So use the initial free session to find a specialist you can work with and to address any initial questions or concerns. Free psychic consultations should simply be regarded as any other promotional offer to market a service. The person whom you speak with should be courteous, professional and provide you with concrete feedback relevant to your situation and life.

Genuine Psychics and Clairvoyants, the Human Touch

To receive genuine value from a psychic consultation, you must interact with a real person, your psychic in this case. You’re in the discovery process so insist on direct interaction at the beginning. This can be a face-to-face meeting, a phone call or even an internet call with web camera and allows you to see the psychic and assess more directly their skill and authenticity. Two-way interaction can work to the psychic’s benefit as well while they get a better ‘read’ on you if you’re naturally reserved, aloof and not forthcoming. So stay away from anonymous exchanges and beware of computer-generated readings. While these can be fun and amusing like the fortune cookie at the end of a Chinese meal or reading your horoscope in the daily newspaper, they should be regarded as entertainment. While an astrologer will use computer-generated charts to pinpoint planetary alignments at the time and place of your birth, the human element and exchange is essential if you want quality results. Once you’ve established good relations with a trustable source, a reading by phone or even email may be sufficient to gain updated information.

As our daily lives grow increasingly dependent on computer technology and remote communications, the likelihood of software-generated psychic readings is very real. Sophisticated software programs which key off certain responses and phrases and utilize Artificial Intelligence are already in use. But psychic readings are more art than science and largely depend on the ability to interpret signs and patterns. That makes the human element and the role of the human intermediary irreplaceable.

Be a Discriminating Shopper

Services providing psychic consultations utilize a variety of psychic tools, and one form may resonate more strongly for you than another. Some psychics make use of divination in concert with their psychic abilities to enhance the fullness of their readings. You will most commonly encounter Tarot card readings, astrological forecasts, numerology, in addition to past life readings and dream interpretations. You can receive genuine psychic insights without costing you an arm and a leg, but be prepared to spend some money.

The keys to getting good results are to do some upfront research on the psychic service and their particular specialization, and once you feel reassured of their creditability, to establish a good relationship with your psychic advisor. If you’re in need of psychic guidance, then you’re looking for a reliable personal guide with real skills to offer. Be direct and forthright. Describe your situation clearly, and ask for their input. If you are moved by the response, then spend twenty or thirty dollars to continue the conversation. Otherwise make an alternative choice.

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