Hiring a Marketing Consultant and Copywriter for Your Small Business

The idea of paying for a full-time, salaried marketing director, is a hard pill to swallow for most small business owners, especially with the current economic crunch. That’s why thousands of companies are diving into the world of freelance marketing consultants and copywriters. By hiring a marketing consultant, a small business owner can generate fast cash-flow and refine their current ad spend. It’s much easier to justify an expense for a “ready out of the box” marketing professional than with a new hire who needs to develop and learn the trade you are in. The freelance professionals charge on an hourly basis or project basis and are motivated by performance-based incentives. For thousands of businesses, marketing consultants and “for hire” copywriters have actually become an essential part of business development strategies.

With the explosion of the internet shopping and online business in recent years, the demand for highly-talented and experienced copywriters is at an all-time high. An experienced copywriter can enhance the performance of a web-based business and drastically improve ROI by immediately increasing sales and cash flow.

Still, many business owners are unaware of the role that quality copywriting and marketing strategy plays in their ultimate success. It’s easy to brush aside important collateral as “non-necessities” during cash-flow crunches. Items such as postcards, brochures, sales letters, cards, and other promotional materials are still of tremendous importance for branding and market development. On the other side, you require online content and “credibility” through social networking web sites, internet forums, and blogs. These two marketing landscapes (traditional and new media) are the life of your business and should be considered as such in every decision.

So hire a freelance marketing consultant or copywriter (whichever suits your needs) and lower your overhead costs. You can employ your existing staff in other departments and simply outsource your marketing research and strategy to a consultant who does not need to be at your physical location to do an amazing job and generate results. This will likely improve turn-around time on your projects, generate professional results, reduce costs, and streamline your inefficient “in house” marketing operations. So what are you waiting for? Call a marketing consultant and grow your business today!

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